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  • Amri on 2012-Aug-13 15:20:38 Amri said

    Kevin: After watching you eat all these years, know for sure that you would eat annhyitg that doesn't crawl off your plate. Seems like Ken is having the harder time since he is even pickier that me. He picks beans out of chili but now will eat something that looks like it died on his plate and and is decomposing. YukI lost 31 pounds last July simply because the hospital food was SOOOOO bad I could not force it down, no way, it was realllly bad. Have gained about 8 pounds back but eat what I like now just not as much, and shoveling snow helps.But, whatever works. Just seems like its highly repititious and what are Lentils ? He will get tired of the same ol same ol and give it up.Look like some kind of beans to me but the boy is scuffing them right up.I shudder to think what he would have done with brussel sprouts when he wasMUCH younger. Obviously none of the 4H stuff has mayonaise on it.
  • Josalpra on 2015-Jul-21 09:26:15 Josalpra said

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  • Handan on 2015-Jul-27 10:07:36 Handan said

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    Please wait <a href=" https://www.deschocolatines.com/braces-overview-first-visits-orthodontist/ ">is diflucan good for uti</a> In the midst of the swirling controversy, legislators and business owners are trying to figure out how to treat these increasingly popular products, which aren’t automatically included in existing smoking bans. It’s not such a straightforward decision. When traditional cigarettes were ousted from bars and restaurants across the country the main argument in favor of the ban was second hand smoke. People employed by these establishments, the reasoning goes, have as much right to work in a safe, smoke-free environment as anyone else. But with e-cigarettes that logic may not apply. We don’t have much data yet on the effects of second hand e-cigarette vapor. E-cigarettes aren’t even tobacco products, they’re “electronic nicotine delivery systems” (ENDS). Objections to e-cigarettes in public spaces thus far are largely aesthetic. When bans on conventional cigarettes first went into effect, many smokers were none too thrilled about getting kicked out into the cold every time they wanted a cigarette. But people adjusted and many even came to appreciate not having their clothes and hair reek of smoke when they got home from a night out. We’ve grown accustomed to our unscented businesses, and are understandably wary about having someone blowing cotton candy flavored vapor inches away from our face. Folks on the Internet claim the stink factor is much lower for e-cigarettes than conventional ones, but some of the flavor options sound genuinely revolting. I just found a website that offers flavors like bacon and Red Bull. Imagine getting stuck sitting between those two vapors at a crowded bar. Perhaps we can compromise and bring back the smoking section? Sorry, I mean the vaping section.
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